Designed with a car like layout and dash, our runabouts have maximum space for days of fishing, cruising, skiing, and diving or everything combined. Their large open deck area is perfect for family boating and the wrap around windscreen keeps out the weather. Get set for fun and adventure aboard your Quintrex runabout.

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Quintrex 530 Fishabout

POA 5.61 Metres 2017

Quintrex 510 Fishabout

POA 5.51 Metres 2017

Quintrex 490 Fishabout

POA 5.21 Metres 2017

Quintrex 481 Fishabout

POA 4.96 Metres 2017

Quintrex 450 Fishabout

POA 4.61 Metres 2017

Quintrex 430 Fishabout

POA 4.46 Metres 2017