Explore new possibilities in a Quintrex Freestyler. Quintrex’s new release Freestyler range allows you to reach full boating potential offering unsurpassed versatility and performance. The Freestyler range is built on the ground-breaking Apex Hull using a wider, sweeping chine design to improve rough water performance.

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Quintrex 590 Freestyler

POA 7.67 Metres 2017

Quintrex 630 Freestyler

POA 7.90 Metres 2017

Quintrex 510 Freestyler

POA 6.60 Metres 2017

Quintrex 530 Freestyler

POA 6.72 Metres 2017

Quintrex 550 Freestyler

POA 6.90 Metres 2017