Roodberg Hydraulic Boat Trailer

Our brand new Roodberg HBC20 boat mover ‘Rudy’ is complete and in transit for delivery to Ship & Sail Gladstone.

Rudy has been purchased with our customers varied boat shapes and sizes in mind. Designed and produced with the latest in innovative technology, Rudy has excellent manoeuvrability and is capable of lifting up to 20 tonnes. Rudy is also fully submersible with his galvanised frame.

Our newest addition will significantly expand our current capabilities, and customers with larger vessels will now be able to take full advantage of Ship & Sail’s premium dry boat storage service for the first time. Boat owner’s searching for a reasonably-priced and flexible work environment to undertake any annual, out-of-water maintenance will also welcome this news.

Rudy will be driven by our General Manager and experienced dock master Pat Laws. Bookings welcome from May 2018.